Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept 18, 2010

We did good....for a while.  And like what often happens, life got in the way.  Emotions were jumbled. Schedules were changed. New challenges stepped forward to drain my energy.  Old challenges continued. 

There was also joy.  Milestones to celebrate. Relationships to nurture.  Recipes to try.  Bananas that didn't get eaten when they should that HAD to be made into bread.....with chocolate chips.

So here we are....regrouped.  Reinforced with goals in hand, people to turn to, game plans to play when celebrations come up with food, tools to handle sadness, loneliness and disappointment that do not involve calories. 

Today is football Saturday in our town.  Games for both boys this morning. 

With Elance chocolate shake in hand, I raise a toast to our health and wellness and to fresh starts.


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