Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sept 18, 2010

We did good....for a while.  And like what often happens, life got in the way.  Emotions were jumbled. Schedules were changed. New challenges stepped forward to drain my energy.  Old challenges continued. 

There was also joy.  Milestones to celebrate. Relationships to nurture.  Recipes to try.  Bananas that didn't get eaten when they should that HAD to be made into bread.....with chocolate chips.

So here we are....regrouped.  Reinforced with goals in hand, people to turn to, game plans to play when celebrations come up with food, tools to handle sadness, loneliness and disappointment that do not involve calories. 

Today is football Saturday in our town.  Games for both boys this morning. 

With Elance chocolate shake in hand, I raise a toast to our health and wellness and to fresh starts.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Six and Six

In her words....
Today is a good is a fabulous day.  As I looked at Keaton and asked him what he would like me to write he said, "My life is getting to be better."  I could not ask for a more precious gift.  You see Keaton and I began a new journey on August 1.  Really it is the same journey we have been traveling on for quite some time.  However, now we have chosen a different vehicle to get us there.

To date Keaton has lost 6 lbs and I have lost 6.5 lbs and we are feeling great.

We were introduced to the Body Wise company a few months when my dad started a weight loss plan.  He didn't really say much to me about it and like most other things, I figured he would spend lots of money, have 0 results and then hear nothing more about it. 

Sadly he started losing weight without me.

In June he gave me a canister of powder to try when I wanted and let him know what I thought.  Sadly I didn't have any idea what I had and only made a shake here and there.  By the end of August my dad had lost 39 lbs and I had lost nothing.

July 26 I agreed to go to a meeting and see what this was all about.  I jokingly told a friend I was going to a "fat persons meeting".  As I listened to the people talk about Body Wise I learned of a company dedicated to health and well-being.  I have known for a long time, if I wanted to help Keaton, I had to help myself.  Also, anything we did had to be for the entire family.  That night I made a commitment to my/our health.  My product would be here later in the week so I decided Aug 2, my birthday would be our start date.  I would give myself and my family the gift of health. week later....we are having success.  Not only are we learning how to eat through out our lifetime and losing weight in the process....I just found out I will be receiving a check in a few days for $119.32.  That was a side effect I was not expecting. 

Regardless of the potential to share this with others, Keaton and I are reaping rewards.  Never have we felt so good, had more energy or experienced weight loss together.  We will continue to share our journey here.  I am sure we will have starts and stops, hit bumps in the road and have days we feel discouraged, yet we have the knowledge and support system now to get through them and achieve our dream of health.

In his words...
I am so glad I have started with program with my mom.  I want to tell my friends and my family that I have lost 6 lbs while I have had Body Wise shakes.  I am proud I am becoming a better healthy person.  We have been going on walks every few nights and i am really glad about that.  Today when i was coming back from my friends, I walked the whole way and that is one mile.  So i am glad that I did that.  Just today I realized that my health is getting to be better.

I feel irritated when I see the number on the scale every day and I am making that all go away.  I feel more than happy that the numbers on the scale are going down and right away I go make my breakfast shake ...and it is really good too!!

I want all you guys to know that while you are reading this you may contact us to get on this program to have a better life.  I am happy that I am getting healthy.

For info check out or give me a message to contact you.

Tonight there is an informative conference call anyone can listen to

507-726-3444 passcode 45259  The call is at 7 p.m. mountain time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Something Is Coming

I am waiting until Monday to post the details of our journey details.  Winds of change are may be a slight breeze but Ican feel feels good.


Friday, July 2, 2010

A Good Day

In his words:

          Yesterday my friend called me up and said can you play today. I asked my mom and she said yes but when I asked she was blow drying her hair so she said it would take 30 minutes before we could leave.  So I said can I just walk there. My mom said yes.  So when I got there I called my mom and she said it was 1 mile from our front door to his front door.  As soon as I heard that I was so excited.  I didn't even know I was walking a mile.  I just hurried to do it so I could see my friend.  I didn't even know it was exercise.  I guess when you want something really bad, playing with my friend, you don't even realize it's exercise.  Mom says I can walk to his house anytime.

This morning I did pilates with my mom.  Yesterday I was grumpy during exercise so today I wanted to feel better.  I felt quite good cause it was very calming and actually felt good about it.  After our workout,I found out that I lost 1lb and 8 oz this morning so then I was so excited.

Can I get a raise the roof!!!!  Raise the roof!!!!

"Who let Keaton out....who who who who who
sung to Who let the dogs out   

In her words:  Keaton really said it all.  And yes he is dancing around singing "who let keaton out..who who who who."  I learned again from him.  He is so right.  When we are doing things we love we don't realize it is "EXCERCISE".  It is just fun.  Fitness should push our bodies but how better if it is something we enjoy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Still Going

    In his words:    

            There is 6 more months in the year so today is the first day of July. I want to be a better looking person by the end of the year.Each day I want it to count.

      Today while  was working out I wasn't very happy because I didn't go with my dad and I feel kind of sick to my stomach because I left my brother.  But now I feel happy since I worked and helped my mom.  We put effort into my work out today.  When it was all done I said, "YES!"

In my words:
Everyday this journey teaches me.  We have a circuit training 30 minute workout that we did this morning.  I just can't let another day go by and not get our 30 minutes in.  We have been walking in the evenings but there is just something about starting my day dedicating the first 30 minutes to my health and wellness.  I want the same for Keaton....for all my children.  Yesterday Taron chose to spend a couple days with his dad and Keaton opted to stay home.  He woke up this morning really missing his brother and as we began our workout he was a bit grumpy and negative.  Once completed, I looked over and he had such a grand smile on his face.  The smile, not only from being done, radiated his pride and testified to me of the physical/chemical change that accompanies pushing our bodies even just a little.  I love that feeling.  I think Keaton is starting to like it also.  I tried to make him aware of the endorphins and how they make him feel.  That feeling doesn't just happen.  He will have to work to have it again.  I can't help but relate this to our belief in the Savior.  As I have tried to facilitate moments where they can feel the spirit (family home evening, telling stories, church attendance, service). I will then try to make them aware and articulate the emotions they feel with it.  Just as if we stop trying to achieve that feeling with the Savior our testimony can falter, it is the same with physical activity and endorphins.  Every day we have to strive for the good things we want in our lives.  Thanks Keaton for teaching me today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Goals

  1. I want to at least write 4 times a week on my blog/journal.
  2. I want to lose 20 pounds before school starts and that is in 2 months.
Last night I went to a
baseball game and I ate but wait.... when I woke up I weighed myself and I lost 5pounds. I was so exited to tell everyone .We have been going to the park on weak days to eat lunch and after we eat we go walking. 

I am motivated on doing this..I just haven't been posting.  Been with my dad for the last four weeks so I couldn't post.  Now I am home and I will be doing my blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm still on it.

  1. 155 cals.
  2. 85 fat cals.
  3. 19 mins.